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The Beatle World

A Beatle Slash RPG

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A Beatle Slash RP

Welcome to The Beatle World!

This is a Beatle Slash RP. That's right, slash. The more the merrier!

All the NC-17 threads are private. You'll have to join to read them

And unlike other Beatle RPs, here you can be absolutely anyone that's related to The Beatles.
For example: Brian Epstein, George Martin, Jane Asher, etc.

Now the time line doesn't have to be strict, you don't have to follow The Beatles true events to a tee. It's all right to take liberties. But I'd like you to stick to the true events at least a little bit.

This is going to start in 1964.
Here's a great link to find out what they did on a specific day.

Who's Taken?
Paul McCartney - jamesmacca
Pattie Boyd - pattieboyd64
George Harrison - george_harri_22
Ringo Starr - richiestarr
John Lennon - johnlennon1964
Brian Epstein - mr_b_epstein
Cynthia Lennon - cyn_lennon64
Bob Dylan - bob_dylan_1964
Maureen Cox - maureencox64
Peter Brown - peter_brown64
Mal Evans - mal_evans
Joan Baez - joan_baez
Jane Asher - janeintheashes

OOT Characters:

Stuart Sutcliffe - stufsutcliffe

Who can I play?
Derek Taylor
Neil Aspinall
George Martin

And anyone else that will fit with the timeline, but I warn you, those are the major ones and any others will probably be posting very little. But if you have an idea for a part, just email me!

To join you will be required to make a separate username related to your character:
For example: jamesmacca for Paul McCartney

I want to be a character! What do I do?
You can contact me through email:

You will be asked for a writing sample, just so I can see your mad skills :]

Can I be a made up character? She's gorgeous and John Lennon loves her blah blah.

I want to be Yoko or Peter Best or someone else that doesn't fit with your 1964 timeline.

Well, if you want, you could join just to post in the OOT, BUT you won't be posting very much at all. We don't like to get too distracted, because it takes us away from the real timeline. But if you want to be Yoko or someone, just send me an email or IM and we can talk about it. :)

Can I join just to watch?

What are the tags for?
The tags are to let the players know who is expected in that thread. You can always jump in on threads that you aren't tagged in. They also help readers to realize who's playing in each thread.

Can I play more than one character?
Sure, just make sure that it's a minor one.

I want to make a thread! But how?!
First, pick a setting. Like the recording studio, a bar, a club, etc. It could be anywhere! Don't forget to put the day (in RP time) and time of the scene, for timeline purposes.

Sister Communities!
beatleworldooc - For anything and everything us players need to discuss
beatledirectory - a timeline and explanations to whatever might cause confusion to readers.
beatleworldfans - For fans to talk about their favourite RPG!
beatleworldoot - For any threads that don't fit with our timeline. Mostly it's just fun threads to do while we're bored, so they're not canon with The Beatle World.

vanillabuzz aka GOD.