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December 31st, Thursday, 1964. Brian's flat. 10:35pm.

OOC: Yes, I know that Brian did not have a party on New Years of '64. Yes I know the boys went to Norman Newell's house. Well it's too gosh darn bad we don't have a Norman Newell.

Paul walked into Brian's Flat, Jane on his arm. He looked around, feeling...content. This year had been insane. Bloody crazy, and now it was finally coming to an end. He couldn't think of a better way to spend his end of the year.

"Brian! Nice little shindig you have going on here," he commented, grinning broadly and throwing his coat over the back of a chair. He saw George and Rings sitting together, laughing about something or another. Now, where was Johnny? He kissed Jane on the cheek.

"I'm going to go find John, if he's here yet." They had been a bit late, but there was a good chance John wasn't here. Oh no wait, Cynthia was here. Paul went on his hunt for John, catching Pattie's eye on the way. He winked, grinning.

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