Mr. Brian Epstein (mr_b_epstein) wrote in thebeatleworld,
Mr. Brian Epstein

October 26th, 1964. Carnaby Street, London. 12:53 pm.

I stood on outside a boutique on Carnaby Street, smoking a cigarette while I waited. I'd invited all the girls out for a lunch, since the boys had been so busy in studio, but only Pattie and Jane were able to attend. Maureen had some pervious engagement, and Cynthia couldn't find someone to sit with Julian while she was out. Shame, really, but I'd already been out with Jane once, and had a lovely time, and Pattie seemed like a very nice girl on the few occasions I had seen her. Not that I didn't envy the pair of them their boyfriends, but that was neither here nor there.

They were a bit late, but I didn't mind, really. The promise of tea and shopping was more than enough to make up for any tardiness on their part. Jane arrived first, and I smiled warmly at her, stubbing my cigarette out before taking her hands and pecking her cheek.

"Jane, darling. How are you?" I asked, stepping back and adjusting my scarf.
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